Steven Young Adult Ministry is the gathering for Korean speaking young adults of Promise Church which consists of 1.5 generation Korean-Americans and the international students. We offer a Wednesday Night Service focusing on praise and worship, and we do small group meetings after Sunday Services.

We want to train young adults in modeling Steven from the New Testament, who was martyred while preaching the gospel of Jesus. According to Psalm 110:3, we want to build our members to be “the dew” for the city.

We do 4 weeks of discipleship training for newcomers, and we offer 8-10 weeks of small group leaders training, and we also do a Bible Study for all those who come on Sunday. We use Evangelism Explosion by James Kennedy as our primary training text for evangelism training.

We go to retreat every summer and winter to check our current spiritual status, and we participate in Ecclesia to grow our spirituality. We serve one of the shelters for the homeless, and we aim to nurture the next generation leaders for our church.


Service and Meeting

Wednesday Service

8:30pm – 10:00pm

Gethsemane Chapel

Sunday Bible Study

1:40pm – 3:30pm

Gethsemane Chapel


Program Director

Rev. Sung-Jin Koh
T: 201-580-1169