Promise Kids City consists of 1st-5th graders; we learn praise songs and Scriptures through our Sunday Service and Friday Night Services, and we do our best in developing drama and visual aid to attract our students to the gospel. In our weekly Bible Study, we lead our students to accept Jesus as their Savior with help from Radiant Life Curriculum by the Assemblies of God, and we nurture them to grow as young disciples of Jesus.

Also, we give our students a variety of opportunities to use their gifts for the Kingdom of God through Kids Choir, Kids Praise Team, and Kids Drama Team, and we encourage them to attend Kids Ecclesia, which is 4 days of a Spiritual Formation Program to encounter the presence of God.

We also offer 5 days of VBS every summer, spending memorable times including praise and worship, sermon, drama, games, movie and art works. During our 3 days of Summer Camp, we have our students enjoy nature with fun activities. Through the Family Adventure, we offer our students the opportunity to spend time with their parents, worshipping and praying together. We try to offer many different opportunities for our students to participate in church.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, we worship together with the local students who come to Power House to share the gospel. We also support children in Honduras and Cambodia through our offerings, and every summer our fifth graders go abroad along with PYM in the mission field, serving and sharing the gospel to obey the command of Jesus. This greatly influences their awareness of our communities and other nations.


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Service and Meeting

Sunday Service

  10:35am – 11:45am

  Bethlehem Chapel

Sunday Bible Study

  11:45am – 12:30pm


Friday Service

  8:00pm – 10:00pm

  Gethsemane Chapel


Program Director

Pastor Alan Wu
T: 917-916-1098