What is Promise Bible College?

“Let’s prepare tomorrow by doing our best at today on the basis of the Word of God!” As our motto clearly says, Promise Bible College is part of Promise Church that teaches our members with well-systemized Bible Study and Christian faith to be the disciples of Jesus since September 1993. If one can say that Ecclesia is the engine that supplies grace and spirituality, our Bible College is another engine that trains our members with truth and intelligence. These two engines have enabled our church moving through the globe like the aircraft carrier. During the past 20 years more than 3,000 people went to our Bible College, and 1,000 people among them now are serving our church as the lay leaders.


What do we learn?

  • Basic Course

In Basic Course we teach our students the foundations of Biblical truth including: Creation, Humanity, Sin, Salvation and practical theology like meditating on Scripture, prayer, evangelism, and stewardship. After Basic Course, our students can confirm regarding their salvation, and they will have a clear mind on the purpose of the Christian faith.

  • Intermediate Course

We teach our students Christian dogmatics in this course. We discover the promise of God throughout the Bible, which leads to Christ, and we discuss the nature of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Through this course we hope to provide a basic frame for our students to be able to look at the Bible with a broad view of theology. Toward the end of this course we also touch on some realistic issues like personal gifts and the modern heresies.

  • Advanced Course

We study theologies regarding Church, Satan, and the Last days. We know that those topics are not so popular in the churches, yet we understand how important it is for us to ponder upon those things.

  • Discipleship Training

In this course, we closely look at the book of Romans from the first chapter to the last. We will greatly appreciate how vast and powerful the gospel of Jesus is for all human beings, and we will be impressed on how Jesus calls us as his disciples.


Who teaches?

Our main lecturers include Pastor Kim DoYoun, Rev. Ben Hur, Rev. Sam Park, and some other pastors could do the lecture in case of need.


How much is the tuition?

$50 per person.


How can I register?

We recruit students twice a year in spring and fall. Please be advised in the weekly church bulletin.


How long does it take to graduation?

Total of 4 semesters in 2 years. One semester is 12 weeks, and the class opens once a week for 2 hours.


How do you get an exam and grades?

Grading scales are attendance (50%), tests (40%) and assignments (10%).

Students must attend the class at least 3/4 in order to get a degree.

Rewards are given to the students who fulfill the course work well.

Students who finished all of the courses will receive the Certificate of Lay Minister officially printed from The Assemblies of God.