Jesus, the one who waited for the woman at the well with living water, the one who waited for his disciples at Lake Galilee with bread and fish, the same Jesus is waiting for you now!

During 3 nights and 4 days, we come and encounter the life changing experience of knowing the personal love and care of our Lord.  We hope that as you leave, this change can be your strength and foundation during times of hardship and darkness ahead.

What is Ecclesia?

Ecclesia is a retreat for the church members to understand the true meaning of the church and to experience God’s love through serving other members.


Quick History

Ecclesia first initiated in New York according to the vision of Rev. Kim NamSoo in 2005, and it is now expanding in/out of our nation from Atlanta to Thailand, Mexico, and Austria regularly. More than 3,000 people went through Ecclesia so far, and they are now serving the church with sincere and humble heart.



Bible-based from the beginning to the end

Spirit-led overall, even though people plan and proceed on the stage

Laymen-centered- led by well-trained members of the church

Church-oriented so that the candidates would finally focus on the church after all. For these reasons, we distinguish Ecclesia from other similar programs like Roman Catholic Tres Dias.


What you should bring…

Desiring heart


Personal toiletry

Comfortable clothes, shoes

Suit and dress shoes (for the first and the last day)

Fee $200

Personal medicines



Elderess. Giseon Yu(646-645-5664)