Welcome to Promise Ministries International! We hope that this online ministry will be a blessing to your life. We are glad that since the renovation of our website, we can now provide the contents in different languages (Korean, English, and Spanish soon). We pray that any visitors from these three language groups who visit our website will find a variety of useful information, inspiring Pentecostal worship, edifying sermons, and exciting testimonies of extraordinary works of the Lord in nations around the world, which are performed by ordinary people like us. We are called to evangelize the 1.85 billion children in the world who we call “The 4/14 Window”.

Senior Pastor, Namsoo Kim


김남수 목사님 사인

Rev. Kim was born in a Buddhist home in South Korea, but his mother allowed him to go to church (Presbyterian). During his twenties, after coming to faith in Christ, he graduated from Seodaemoon Full Gospel Theological School, and then planted a church in a small town that had no church. Then he was sent to Vietnam as a missionary, departing just a day before the city of Saigon fell, barely escaping with his life. Then God called him to become a senior pastor of Berlin Full Gospel Church of West Germany. In 1977 he moved to the U.S. and has been serving PMI (Formerly known as Full Gospel New York Church) until the present time.
Since he became a missionary, he has been preaching the recovery of the mission mindset for all churches with a focus on three key comparison concepts as our models for ministry. He compares the Church to The Kingdom, The Military, and The Family. He has kept this focus vigilantly as he travels around the globe.
Rev. Kim is the captain of Promise Aircraft Carrier (one of the comparisons of the church as the military). This Aircraft Carrier is on a mission called, ‘RESCUE 185’, meaning that PMI is aiming at 1.85 billion children under age 15.

Pastor Kim’s missional vision was completed as he met Dr. Luis Bush, who promoted reaching the ‘10/40 Window’ (geographical implications)—later being integrated into PMI with the new missional paradigm known as ‘The 4/14 Window’ (generational implications). To bring it into reality, Rev. Kim developed Power House, a missional weekend program for the children. He also created Soccer Game Missions and also utilized the musical “His Life” to reach souls around the world. He has been changing the Church’s concept of world missions continually throughout his ministry.