Glad Tidings Tabernacle

What is history? It is “His story”, the record of our God’s work revealed through our church. As we study Israel in the Bible, we find that their history was always associated with the tabernacle(afterwards sanctuary or temple). This reveals the truth about how God works in connection with the sanctuary where His name is praised. According to this truth, we can divide the 40 year history of our church into three time periods based on our three Houses of Worship:

1973.Apr. Prayer started preparation for a church plant (when Rev. Kim first visited US)
1975.Dec. Founding Full Gospel New York Church and Rev. Kim SungKwang appointed as Senior Pastor (Glad Tidings Tabernacle, and W. 8 Ave)
1976.Oct. First Church Member’s Appointment
1977.Sep. Rev. Kim Nam Soo appointed as Senior Pastor
1978.Feb. Founding of Full Gospel Theological School
1979.May. Church Member’s Appointment
1981.Nov. Church Member’s Appointment
1982.Nov. Korean Language School started
1982.Nov. Church Member’s Appointment
1983.Jun. Church Member’s Appointment
1983.Dec. Hebron Prayer Mountain Dedication
1985.Dec. Church Member’s Appointment
1988.Apr. Purchase Full Gospel Mission Center 5th Fl. (140 W. 36 St.)
1988.Dec. Church Member’s Appointment
1990.Jan. Homeless Outreach Ministry begun
1992. Feb. Full Gospel Mission Center moved into the 4th Fl. of Queens Sanctuary
1992. Apr. Queens Sanctuary Purchase Closing
1992. Nov. First Service at Queens Sanctuary
1992. Dec. Church Member’s Appointment
1993. Sep. Laypeople Bible College started (Promise Bible College in the present)
1994. Jun. Church Member’s Appointment
1997. Mar. Church Member’s Appointment
1997. Dec. Church Member’s Appointment
1998. Apr. Church Member’s Appointment
1999. Jan. The 3rd World Children Support Ministry began
1999. Dec. Church Member’s Appointment
2000. Jun. 1st New York Ecclesia
2000. Sep. Full Gospel Christian Private School Open
2001. Jun. Construction Permitted from N.Y.B.S.A.
2001. Sep. Bethlehem Sanctuary Construction
2002. Jan. Manhattan Sanctuary moved (NY Prep School Hall, 40W. 68 St.)
2002. May. Church Member’s Appointment
2003. Mar. Elementary School Built in El Castano, Honduras
2003. Aug. Bethlehem Sanctuary Dedication
2003. Aug. Church Member’s Appointment
2003. Sep. Elementary School Built in El Progresso, Honduras
2004. Feb. Jerusalem Sanctuary Construction
2004. Apr. “The Promise” Musical Performed in Korea
2004. Aug. School of Hope Construction in Dominican Republic
2004. Sep. Elementary School Built in Huracan, Honduras
2005. Jan. Jerusalem Sanctuary Dedication
2005. Mar. “The Promise” Musical Performed in New York
2005. Aug. 1st Atlanta Ecclesia
2006. Mar. Elementary School Built in Quito, Achidona, Projecto, Equador
2006. Mar. Founding AG Grace Church, Rev. Pete Richardson appointed
2006. Apr. Purchase Prayer Mountain at Liberty, New York
2006. Apr. Andrew Clinic Open in El Castano, Honduras
2006. Dec. Kabuku Mission Church Dedication in Kenya
2007. Jan. Weekly offering for the missions begun
2007. Apr. 1st New York Youth Ecclesia
2008.Apr. ““Rescue 185” Order Declaration (Aircraft Carrier Church Model, Team Ministries)
2008.Apr. Manhattan Sanctuary Dedication (316 E. 91St.)
2008.Aug. Girani Children’s Choir Performed
2008.Oct. 1st GEN World Children Education Mission Strategic Council
2009.Jan. 1st Bangkok, Thailand Ecclesia
2009.Feb. Renamed as Promise Church
2009.Feb. Church Member’s Appointment
2009.Jun. JoonKoo Memorial School Construction at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2009.Sep. 1st 4/14 Window Global Summit Hosted
2009.Nov. New York Power House Launched
2009.Dec. Church Member’s Appointment
2010.Jun. 1st New York Kid’s Ecclesia
2010.Sep. 2nd 4/14 Window Global Summit Hosted
2011.Mar. Renuevo (Ecclesia for Latin Americans)
2011.Jun. 1st Soccer Game Missions in Latin America
2011.Jul. “His Life” Musical Performed in Africa
2011.Sep. 3rd 4/14 Window Global Summit in Singapore
2011.Feb. “His Life” Musical Performed in New York
2013.Feb. 2nd Soccer Game Missions in Latin America
2013. May. 1st Mexico Ecclesia
2013.Jul. 1st Europe Ecclesia
2014.Jan. 3rd Soccer Game Missions in Latin America
2014.Feb. “His Life” Musical Performed in Colombia
2014.Jul. “His Life” Musical Performed in Africa
2014.Aug. Church Website Renovation (
2014.Aug. Attended AG 100th Conference
2014.Aug. “His Life” Musical Performed in China
2014.Aug. Musical “His Life” in Anyang, Korea (은혜와진리교회, 3 Performances)
2014.Aug. “His Life” Musical Performed in Korea
2014.Nov. 1st Evangelism Explosion Training Course
2014.Jan. 40th Year Celebration – 40 days early morning prayer
2014.Jan. 40th Year Celebration – Israel Trip
2014.Apr. Church Member’s Appointment