The concept of 4/14 Window Movement

When we say “4/14 Window”, it refers to the children and teenagers between the age of 4 to 14. This is the second page of the 10/40 Window which had been at the center stage of world missions during the past 20 years. The reason why this 4/14 age group are getting such attention is because: 1) Their acceptability toward the gospel is higher than any other age groups. This is supported by the statistics that 85% of the adult Christians in the U.S. accepted Christ when they were kids—similar to the age group of 4 to 14. 2) Their deliverability of the gospel is higher than any other age groups. They are the group that most uses social media, like YouTube, twitter etc.

4/14 Window Movement focuses on this group of children not merely as the object of the Christian education or missions, but as the agent of the missions, and even one more step further, it considers them as the partner of the mission by reaching them, rescuing, rooting, and releasing them into another region of the world.


The birth of 4/14 Window Movement

4/14 Window was being developed after the meeting of Dr. Luis Bush and Rev. Kim NamSoo in New York in 2008, and it was officially nominated in the 1st Global Summit where 350 ministers from 65 countries gathered at our church as the new global paradigm of the world missions in 2009. Since then, 4/14 movement has rapidly spread like a wild fire over the world as we had the 2nd Summit in New York (2010), the 3rd Summit in Singapore (2012), the 4th Summit in Bangkok (2013), and the 5th in New York (2014) again.

Among all other nations, Latin America responded to 4/14 Window Movement with great enthusiasm. Rev. Kim has traveled almost every country in Latin America during past 10 years, recognizing how important our children are to the spiritual leaders, and Promise Church has delivered the gospel of Jesus Christ to 150 million children during past 5 years through Soccer Missions in 23 stadiums of the Latin American cities.


Theological approach of 4/14 Window Movement

In February 2013, a 4/14 Window Missional Conference was held in Hallelujah Church in South Korea for the first time in the history of world missions, with 120 theologians and children/teens ministers attended from around the world. The focus of the conference was on what missional values the children under age 15 have, and this was discussed from three different points of view; 1) Biblical, 2) Psychological, and 3) Missional. The conference had concluded that the church should encourage the children with their own good values when it comes to missions, like David finally decided to use his own weapon after trying on Saul’s armor. Moreover, the conference concluded to treat the children not as the sides but as the centers, emphasizing them as the part of the family, of the church, and of the community with respect. The conference provided the 4/14 Window Movement with a biblical foundation and academic/theoretical basics, now being a global trend of world missions.