• School Building Movement

We should build schools that teach children from a Christian worldview. We should provide the opportunities for the children who suffer from poverty to study and hear the gospel, so we build schools in the cities to change children with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must train the teachers and re-design the curriculum to reflect the Christian worldview.

For this purpose, PMI established Full Gospel Christian Private School (now called Promise Christian Academy) in September 2000, and we are currently training 220 students from Pre-K to 8th grade to be the next generation leaders. We have built 10 more Christian schools in Latin America and Africa from 2005, and have supported a total of 10,000 students with our prayers and by providing for their needs.


  • Sports Mission

We need a contact point in order to approach the 4/14 generation, and one of the most effective tools is sports. Among all sports, soccer has been one of the most popular sports, especially the World Cup. Even in the U.S.A., football has been very popular compared to the past when it was marginalized by American football, and this is because Women’s soccer team has placed in the highest ranking of the world. Especially for the children in Latin America, it is such a fantastic moment to watch pro-league players playing on the ground.

PMI has been partnering with Goyang HI, a Christian professional soccer team from Korea to travel around the cities in Latin America every January and February since 2011. We have been in 23 different cities so far, and every game an official FIFA referee is invited. We proclaim the gospel throughout the game and provide the children with a variety of programs. We hand out a cartoon brochure that contains the gospel. Through this ministry we introduce Jesus directly to the children and teenagers who came to the stadium, and indirectly to the people who are watching the game on TV. Soccer Mission has brightened the nation with the gospel of Jesus, and it has had a great national impact.


  • Culture Mission

We need the bridge called ‘culture’ in order to deliver the unchanging gospel to the rapidly changing world. This is like going into the middle of the enemy base with the soldiers hidden under the Trojan Horse. PMI has chosen His Life Musical with relevant music styles within our culture today because it can deliver the core message of the gospel by showing the birth, ministry, passion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ without linguistic/racial barrier. This musical was praised by New York Times as ‘a life transforming event that is definitely more than a religious performance in quality, wholesome entertainment for all the family’,‘dazzling medium for an evangelical message’.

Launching at PMI sanctuary in New York in 2005, His Life has been shown in Manhattan Campus, Apollo Theatre, Atlanta, and Grace Church in California and it’s shown in Korea, Latin America, Africa, and Asia abroad, giving an unforgettable moment to the thousands in the audiences who attend, especially to the children and the teenagers.


  • Global Summit & 4/14 Conferences

“Church leaders, There is no place for the children if you forsake them. They will be washed away by worldly waves. But now we still have time. Rescue the next generation from the waves. Invest 10 years. The children of today will become the twenties after 10 years, and the town will change and the city will also change. Please don’t miss this ‘Decade of Destiny”

A leader means some level of impact. This tells us how important it is for the minister to change his paradigm about their ministry model. PMI has opened its door for the spiritual leaders around the world and invited them to several impactful Global Summits. PMI has hosted these summits three times (2009, 2010, and 2014) to discuss “What is 4/14 Window?” (what), “Why is it so important?” (why), and “How can we apply?” (how). As a result, The 4/14 Window Movement has spread over the whole world within only 5 years. We have received reports that a number of doctoral candidates from different seminaries in the U.S.A. are studying this movement.


  • Power House

Power House is a social program that raises the children from the outside of the church with the love of God to give them dreams and hope. When the children arrive at the church every Saturday, they first worship God and then spread out to the classes (Language, Art, Music, and Sports). After eating lunch provided in the church, they are dismissed. All the programs and the classes are supported voluntarily from our church.

When the children come, their parents also come. We provide the classes for the parents, too (ESL, Bible Study, and Zumba). In the past the parents brought their kids to the church, now the kids who believe in Jesus bring their parents to the church. Power House is very popular among other 4/14 Window ministries because it is easy to start, and it bears the fruitful outcome.