What is Global Summit?

World Christian leaders gather and work together to establish strategies and tactics necessary for 4/14 Movement and develop missions resources to supply and spread to missionaries all over the world.


1st Summit

Global Summit I was held in Promise church from Sept. 6 – 8, 2009, for inaugural ceremony and declaration.

Over 360 world Christian leaders gathered and announced the importance and urgency of the 4/14 Window Movement and established the draft of 4/14 Pledge and 4/14 Window Resolution.

After the summit, held regional conferences about the 4/14 Window in 35 different regions across the world and informed and awakened countless missionaries and ministers, and is actively carrying out ministries to serve the children in impoverished areas where they have been stripped of opportunities of education, medical help, and hearing the Gospel.


2nd Summit

In 3 nights and 4 days from Sept. 2 (Thurs) – Sept. 5 (Sun.), 2010, conference was held at Promise Church (Full Gospel NY Church, Senior Pastor Rev. Nam Soo Kim) (130-30 31st Ave., Flushing, NY 11354, 718-321-7800) under the title, “4/14 Window Global Initiative” where 823 world Christian leaders from 90 countries shared in-depth discussions across 13 subjects.


Tracks by Subject

Pastors / Education / Parent and Family / Parent and Family / Government / Children Spirituality /  Children and Transformation in Ministry /  Literature / Leadership Development of Children and Youth/ Poverty Transformation / Health / Local Church Children Ministries


3rd Summit

Held in Singapore Sept. 6 – 9, 2011, with 750 people from 91 countries.


4th Summit

Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from Oct. 15 – 18, 2013, under the topic “Rooted and Released” where 796 delegates (over 1000, including non-registered people) discussed with the objective that in order to raise children under 15 to be the main agents of transformation, (1) Adults must train the children to be rooted In the Word and (2) We should not wait until they become adults but rather release them into the ministry fields so that God may work through them.


Significance of the 4th Summit

1) Children from the outskirts to Children as partners

Up until now, children have been regarded as the target of Christian education. The basis of that has been the stereotype that children are immature from a developmental psychology and social perspective in all ways. Therefore, when we observe any church service or event, the adults have been in the center and the children and youth have been in the outskirts.

However, it is the Bible’s teaching that there is no difference in the value of personality or spiritual functionality. As a matter of fact, as we can see from the example of priest 엘리 and young Samuel, that at times the spiritual receptivity of a child can be more sensitive than an adult.

In fact, one of the most shocking and moving moments in the conference happened during the closing service on the final day. When Rev. Mark McClendon led worship together with his teenage son and handed over the microphone to his son, this boy began to weep and pray for the children that are suffering all around the world.Then the leaders from different countries began to lift up their hands and cried and prayed together. It was a moment when a gentle ripple began to travel in the hardened placid hearts of the adults who were used to formality and mannerism.

As such, God rejoices and wants to use the children as workers of God’s kingdom, yesterday, today and forever.

However, since the Missions Conference of Edinburg, England in 1910, although there have been many missions strategy meetings within the last 100 years, it is surprising to note that there has not been a single one which recognized chidren as missions partners. In that aspect, this global summit has been a critical turning point for returning the stature of children as missions partners, who have been The Great Ommision from The Great Commision.


2) Transcending What & Why to an era of How

The 10/40 Window Movement, which heated the world missions in the past 20 years, has contributed to increasing evangelism rate from 2.5% to 5%, but with 95%  still remaining unevangelized, the 4/14 Window Movement has become the breakthrough to the deadlocked state of world missions

In the past 4, 5 years, as this movement spread like wildfire from Central and South America to the rest of the world, now the What and Why of this movement is somewhat well known.

Now is the time for How according to the strateges fit for each region. Attendants from all over the world are thirsting for this as well.

As an example, when Pomise Church’s Saturday children missions project, “Power House,” was introduced, many people expressed interest,

As we conclude this summit the attendants will be able to witness the experiences (successes, failures) of the 4/14 Window Ministry when we they come to Promise Church Oct. 10 – 16 of next year as we implement the 5 strategies for the 4-14 Window Movement.