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Our Vision:

PIF-NJ exists to take part in the Great Commission by investing and empowering the 4-14 Window.


What is the 4-14 Window?

When we say “4/14 Window”, it refers to the children and teenagers between the age of 4 to 14. This is the second page of the 10/40 Window which had been at the center stage of world missions during the past 20 years. The reason why this 4/14 age group are getting such attention is because: 1) Their acceptability toward the gospel is higher than any other age groups. This is supported by the statistics that 85% of the adult Christians in the U.S. accepted Christ when they were kids—similar to the age group of 4 to 14. 2) Their deliverability of the gospel is higher than any other age groups. They are the group that most uses social media, like YouTube, twitter etc.

4/14 Window Movement focuses on this group of children not merely as the object of the Christian education or missions, but as the agent of the missions, and even one more step further, it considers them as the partner of the mission by reaching them, rescuing, rooting, and releasing them into another region of the world.

In light of our English Ministry, we believe in a culture of investment and community. While our ministry is not literally 4-14 in age we believe that the church should be interconnected together from the youngest to the oldest. We believe that the next generation is our future and that every person in our church can take part in magnifying the glory of God as we run together as one body.


Our Mission:

The mission of PIF-NJ is to reach the New Jersey area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to be an authentic Bible-believing and Holy Spirit-led community, that lives out our faith, and are locally and globally engaged in bringing forth the Gospel.



We are a church situated in Leonia, New Jersey. We are predominantly a Korean American congregation but we desire to be a multi-ethnic community in the years to come. We currently have multiple ministries ranging from Promise Ministries International – Korean Ministry, PIF-NJ – The English Ministry, Promise Cornerstone – Youth Group, and our Promise Elementary School and Pre-school.



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